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Is this you?

You tried traditional face-to-face training. But now, that approach is underperforming and sometimes, even losing money.

Today, your course has to be scalable—available when folks need it no matter where they are.

You don’t know where to start. It’s hard to make content applicable, short and interactive. Let’s face it: you struggle to “get creative” and move away from a dry theory-based approach. (How can that engage?)

If you’ve got in‑house resources, they’re too swamped by the day-to-day and other duties to design something fun and powerful.

And you’d like to deliver results soon.

Introducing Elearner Engaged.

Elearner Engaged help’s the world’s top companies and mission-driven nonprofits optimize their custom e-learning.

We make your e-learning waaay better…

  • First, we work to understand your specific problem. That means we’re going to start with research. We will interview, survey and otherwise eavesdrop to uncover the change in performance that your e-learning project will help create.
  • From there, we identify what people need to do. Importantly, we don’t focus on content or content sorting (what we want learners to know). We brainstorm the top tasks employees must do to meet your business goal. This optimizes your course and speeds up development.
  • And then? For each action that learners must take on the job, we design a practice activity. We plunge your learners directly into our beautifully designed e-learning lessons—short, interactive microlearning events, proven to command attention and improve recall.

Our e-learning activities are built in Articulate Storyline 2, the most powerful software for creating instructional interactivity. We have crafted a beautiful Storyline 2 framework—a high-quality solution for those who need to deliver e-learning quickly.

Articulate Storyline 2, simplified.

Our unique Storyline 2 Framework is everything you need to kick-start your e-learning project and be an e-learning rockstar! There’s nothing else like it!

Stand out.

Built by our Articulate Storyline guru, Ryan Martin, our Storyline framework is engagement driven and is designed to help employees learn better.

Save time.

We put a lot of thinking into letting content shine… so you don’t need to. Our e-learning framework allows you to focus on what you do best.

Learn, fast.

Custom lessons are “bite-sized” and jargon-free. Condensed, interactive lessons are designed specifically for a busy person’s lifestyle.

Our philosophy of design.

Be learner focused, above all else.
We focus on providing the best learning experience possible. Whether we’re designing e-learning for a large company or a small nonprofit, we take great care to ensure that learners reach their goals without wasting their time.

Simple is better than complex.
We believe that e-learning is overcomplicated. Too bloated, too ambiguous, failing to deliver. Our solution does less than the competition — intentionally. We design activities that are essential, meaningful, easier to implement, and help people perform better.


I presented two e-learning modules at the eLearning Alliance of Canadian Hospitals (eACH) Conference in Toronto. One of them was Code Orange: Mass Casualty Incident – I’m very pleased to report that it placed second in the People’s Choice category (voted on by conference attendees), and was awarded Best in Show by the eACH Committee! Thanks for doing such a great job on it!

Wade Strass

Senior Instructional Designer, Island Health

Elearner Engaged designed and developed an online course for our hiring managers entitled, Onboarding Roles, Practices, and Expectations. The process was very collaborative and supported by useful planning tools. I was impressed with their positive energy, resourcefulness, and commitment in seeing the project through to a successful outcome. True to their name, the company created an engaging 20-minute introductory e-module that was learner-centered and with high production values.

John Lussier

Staff Learning & Development Manager, Red River College

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