What Part Of Your Elearning Will Be Most Engaging After You Launch It?

We help you predictably create real-world elearning scenarios so you can meet your learners’ needs and feel proud of your work.

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Our proven real-world scenario design system supports new and seasoned learning design teams.

“Do You Feel Stuck Producing An Unending Cycle Of Tedious Content With Zero Engagement…

Or Just Can’t Seem To Translate Training Material Into Real-World Experiences?”

Have you ever felt stuck as a Senior Manager of Learning?

You know what we’re talking about. You desire real-world scenarios for a training program that you’d like to launch…

You have the desire
You see the vision
You know what your ultimate objective is!
You know this UNIQUE training will get learners excited…

And then…

You’re Stuck…

You’ve hit a roadblock…

You don’t know how to turn abstract concepts into real-world scenarios.
You don’t know how to design it to generate engagement.

Yes, you’re overwhelmed by a heap of theoretical concepts you used in a workshop… AND the responsibility of trying to make it look and feel good when you know it will fall flat…

And yet, somehow, training that you feel is SO necessary… training that should’ve moved forward…

Somehow becomes hindered by uncertainty and demands.

With each passing day, you feel pressure to just go back to what you have and make it look nicer…

You tell yourself, “Maybe we’ll improve next year instead.”

And This Is Where Engaging Elearning Dreams Die…

Somewhere between the desire… and your team’s ability to translate dry information into real-world scenarios.

Wouldn’t It Be Much Simpler If There Was A System Where:

 real-world context is captured…
and becomes story-driven scenarios…

That Met Actual Learners’ Needs And Engaged Them!

Well, we’re here to tell you that today is your lucky day!

We want to introduce you to Elearner Engaged.

A new elearning design service that will help to:

…Turn Abstract Content Into Engaging Elearning By Using Real-World Scenarios.

Yes, Elearner Engaged Was Created So That Learning Managers Like You…

…who aren’t scenario writers
…who lack internal design support

..Can Easily Create Engaging Elearning Using Our Proven Real-World Scenario Design System!

Let Us Show You How It Works:

Step #1: Uncover Your Core Learner

First, we help you to create an avatar of your Core Learner… so you can design an experience that’s in touch with your learners’ motivations, challenges, needs, and circumstances.

Step #2: Scenario Architecture

Then, we show you how to design an eloquent sequence of real-world scenario-based decisions… so you can avoid being too focused on content and, instead, engage critical thinking and impact the business.

Step #3: Pick Your Model

Last, you pick a proven elearning model that is pre-designed to engage… so you can take advantage of our recipes for success and launch a stimulating experience that compels learners to act.

Elearning Advisors To Leading Brands Including

Since 2014, Elearner Engaged has helped adidas make their elearning ideas even stronger.

What People Are Saying…

“Elearner Engaged was able to help us transform theoretical concepts into interactive engaging scenarios.”

Frances Nolan

“Elearner Engaged provided us with an excellent vision for what’s possible in e-learning. Great work!”

Michael Farris

“They were definitely one with my creative mind! I recommend Elearner Engaged to any organization who’s struggling with elearning.”

Fawn Hentrel

“True to their name, Elearner Engaged created an engaging 20-minute elearning module that was learner-centered.”

John Lussier

The Elearner Engaged Philosophy


I hope all is well with you!

Are you a Senior Manager, Senior Program Manager, or Director revamping a training program and want to focus your investment on a meaningful resource?

Do you need to put a unique stamp on the learning programs that you create?

Is your design team too busy (or non-existent) to design it how you want it and still meet your deadline?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then Elearner Engaged may be the perfect service for your exact needs!

Instead of being stretched in all directions… or trying to figure it all out on your own…

With Elearner Engaged, you’ll overcome the challenges you’re facing, ramp up internal design… and… most importantly… create something NEW and exciting!

My name is Ryan Martin, and I am thrilled you are here!

At Elearner Engaged, our primary goal is to provide you with expert guidance, resources, and done-for-you models to help you predictably create engaging elearning using our proven real-world scenario design system.

We’ll share our “battle-tested” strategies that guarantee learner engagement…so you can stop worrying about design details and instead focus on the big picture and meet other demands.

If this appeals to you (and you really want fun and real scenarios that everyone can relate to) you are welcome to schedule a strategy call! And, if you are interested, you need to schedule it right away because… whenever we start accepting clients… we get fully booked up… in the blink of an eye!

So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to arrange a time to speak. I would love to have a chat with you.

Ryan Martin


P.S. – Would you really like to design something that really represents how your learners learn… so you can show you are in touch with their motivations, challenges, needs, and circumstances?

If so, get in touch now.

One of the most acclaimed creative elearning agencies, Elearner Engaged has been honoured with an Articulate Storyline Guru Award for their scenario-based course ‘Broken Co-worker’.

“One example we often share in our Storyline workshops is the Broken Co‑worker course created by Elearner Engaged . . . because it doesn’t look anything like a typical elearning course.”

David Anderson

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